The New Gold MacBook

The shiny new MacBook (not a Pro or Air!) sporting its new colour scheme (also available in a black or traditional silver finish) and with its SINGLE new USB Type C connector

Here it is! The White polycarbonate model MacBook was discontinued in 2010 but it would appear Apple has decided to reinvigorate the MacBook brand.

The new MacBook has a few significant differences to the MacBook Air, Pro and Retina:

– First and foremost, its a 12″ model! Good thing or bad thing? Well, its a personal thing I suppose. I like it, 12″ screen means physically it will be about the same as size as the 11″ MacBook Air, but obviously the screen will be larger, meaning a smaller bezel. Oh, and its a retina screen of course! Downside? Yep, MacBook screen replacement is already right up there on the standard retina models so expect a high price tag if you break the screen on this one!

– Okay, now we have the SINGLE, USB Type C port. What is this you ask? One port? What do I do with this? Well, the answer is EVERYTHING! This port is a new form of USB, it can do everything USB use to do but can now also be used to connect an external display and charge the laptop. Sounds like a good idea right, simplify things with just one port? Sure. It does mean however, that you will need adapters for all your existing peripherals (hard drives, mice, memory sticks, etc). Now you ask, how can I use all my devices and a screen AND charge my MacBook all at the same time? How will the MacBooks USB Type C port work? Apples answer is, drum roll please…. Adapters! Lots of adapters! The adpaters come in various types like this one below:

Apples USB-C AV Multiport Adapter

One of Apples fancy new USB-C adapters, this one gives you a USB3 port, a HDMI port and a charging port

– Everything else is pretty standard, slightly thinner keyboard (not sure how that will feel as yet…) and obviously better battery life etc (as they always say) but other than that it essentially looks like MacBook Air 11″ with a slightly bigger retina screen! Lets wait and see!



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