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Many of my customers tell me that they had considered trying to replace the glass on their iPad 2’s themselves. Some have even had a go and then decided it was a little to tricky. If you’re thinking about trying it yourself, here are a few things about repairing/replacing iPad 2 screens & glass you should know before digging in.

The most common questions I hear:

Q: “Is it difficult to replace your iPad 2 Glass/screen?”
A: Yes. It is difficult. It can be done, but there are many pitfalls that can only really be avoided when you know what they are (and even then you can still bugger it up!).

Q: “What makes it so difficult?”
A: A number of things – heres a few:

1) Its GLUED together! The glass panel is attached to the iPad with a strong adhesive. It can be separated but its a tricky process and requires the right tools (very thin, flexible blades and a heat gun) and a bit of technique.

There are a number of very tiny ribbon cables that run near the edges of the glass (particularly the top right hand corner) which often get caught in the adhesive and are easily ripped/broken while removing the glass (see image 1 below).

The glass used on iPads (and most smart phones and tables) is called Gorilla Glass. This is a special type of glass that is extremely strong and shatters just like windshield glass. What this means is that when you are running your blade under the glass to cut the adhesive, it is very VERY easy to shatter the glass and make it much worse than it was to start with. You will most likely also end up with glass all over the place (as well as in your eyes) so have a vacuum near by and ALWAYS WEAR GOGGLES!

iPad 2 Ripped Ribbon Cable 2

Image 1: Here, I have sliced through the volume/mute/power button ribbon cable

Still want to give it a go?
Fair enough! Here is a clear step by step guide:

Please – if you are going to try and do it yourself, make sure you have the right tools, read all the instructions once through before you start, and remember to WEAR EYE PROTECTION.

If you would rather I handle it for you, or would like me to talk you through it, shoot me a quick email by clicking here. Please feel free to ask me any questions via the ‘leave a reply‘ button at the bottom of this post.

Cheers all, please check back soon!



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